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Boucleme is a UK brand that provides curly hair products created to hydrate and strengthen hair from the inside! These products contain no sulphates and are chemical free with no animal testing!! The line comes as a 3 step system, Cleanser, Conditioner and Gel.

I have used the travel set of this product line for 2 weeks now and fall more in love each time I use it! When trying out a new product line it can take a while for you to figure out how to get the best results with your hair.

This can be by adding a little bit less of the product or adding an extra oil after the products (Get your scientist on!) which in my case worked wonders.

After speaking to the founder of Boucleme

she kindly recommended that I apply a lot more of the styling gel whilst my hair was completely wet and saturated in the conditioner, following up with coconut oil to seal.

Hair freshly washed, wet whilst conditioner, gel and coconut oil is applied.

This transformed my hair to become much more hydrated and I didn't get the day 2/3 frizz and shrinkage I had with my first trial.

These products are very similar to the Deva Curl line, I would like to call them a dupe of DevaCurl but they are great in their own right! I definitely prefer the Boucleme conditioner to the DevaCurl One Condition.

Here are my second day results after sealing my hair with coconut oil on wash day.

UK Curly Girl 2nd day hair using Boucleme
2nd day hair - UK Curly Girl

Products are available here,

For further info on each product check out my review for the Boucleme hair products on the British Curlies YouTube channel!


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