Pink Hair Chalk! | Hair FX 'Hair Chalkin Swirl' Review

I finally got round to trying out the pink Hair FX 'Hair Chalkin Swirl' I was gifted at the Professional Beauty show! It was well overdue but so worth it! I am in love with the results and amazed at how easy it was to apply. This is a great way
for you to experiment with colour on your curls with no damage at all!

I sectioned my hair off leaving the bottom layers without colour. And began to add pink to the blonde parts of my hair (Mainly the ends) this gave me a cute pink ombre look.

Pink Hair Chalk Ombre Look 

I then caught the colour bug and wanted to see what it would look like if my whole hair was pink so I started applying the chalk from the root downwards. Here are my results,

Pink Hair Chalk Results


  • Make sure you have a towel down underneath you (Try to do this in a bathroom or kitchen) as chalk powder can fall on the floor if you aren't careful.
  • Also wear a t-shirt that is dark in colour (No whites) and something that you don't mind getting a bit dirty!
  • Use a hairspray on your hair (Dry styling spray) straight after applying the chalk to each section, this will help to seal the colour in and you shouldn't see it fade out until washing. 

The chalk was so easy to wash out I just cleansed rinsed until I saw hardly much pink colour rinsing out I then deep conditioned and rinsed again leaving no more pink in my hair at all!

All in all I would give this hair chalk an 8/10 because it is so easy to apply and actually leaves a vibrant colour on my hair! The only downside to this product is I have the chalk without the applicator which means I had to use my hands more, turning them pink!

They do however sell the hair chalk that is built into a tong so you don't have to get chalk onto your hands. Next time I will be purchasing this product so that I don't get messy.


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