Hair Shedding | 5 Things To Consider Before You Panic!

My latest video touches on the topic of hair shedding! I was asked by one of my followers about how to combat this problem. I myself have had an issue with shedding more ever since transitioning to natural. By shedding I mean when it comes to wash day hair falls out into my hands, the shower, the walls, the floor LOL.

Here are some things to consider before you panic!

1) Is it breakage or shed hair?

You can tell if your hair is shedding by looking at the strands. If the strands of hair are long and you can feel the root (bulb at the very top of the strand) then this is a shed hair.

Broken hair will usually feel rough and shorter in length. You may have to cut this off or apply some moisturising treatments. 

2) Has your hair grown?

If you are transitioning or simply growing your hair it may feel as if you are shedding more hair than usual but this can be due to the new length and thickness.

3) How often do you wash your hair/detangle?

We shed up to 100+ hairs A DAY! So depending on how often you wash and detangle your hair you will be finding all of that shed hair that has been tangled in your curls for the past week or so. This is when you usually gather together a huge hair ball on wash day. 

4) How is your health?

Your health is so important! If you aren't drinking enough water or getting your vitamins you will see a change in your hairs health. Hair loss can be caused by a whole load of health problems so be sure to stay healthy and eat clean. 

5) Do you care for your scalp?

Your scalp may be suffering under all of that hair! Be sure to keep it moisturised, I like to do occasional hot oil treatments, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVZgYCdNkfU

and massage my scalp on wash day. If you shampoo too often this can be very harsh on your scalp so try co-washing/cleansing. I also like to use products that contain peppermint oil and tea tree oil as they are perfect for clearing any bacteria from the scalp.

Products I Use:
Root 2 Tip Scalp Serum (apply small amount 2-3 times a week and before washing) 

Tea Tree Oil (I mix a drop in with any oil (coconut/olive) and massage into my scalp when it is itchy.

Deva Curl No Poo (Great Cowash that includes peppermint) 

Here are also a few articles I found that may be useful for you to read,

Check out the full video on shedding below!


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