5 Ways To Stay Motivated! When Looking After Natural Curly Hair

1) Stick A Picture Of Your Curly Hair Idol On Your Wall

I am a huge believer in visualisation and I have a board on my wall where I stick pictures and goals of things I want in life. Along with these I have a picture of a girls hair I found on Tumblr and I love her length and thickness! 

This keeps me going as I see my hair grow I remember to keep it up because I know what I am working towards! If you don't want to use up your walls why not make a Pinterest? Check out mine here> https://www.pinterest.com/UKCurlyGirl/curly-hair/

2) Make Wash Day Easier On Yourself - PRE POO!

The night before wash day schedule in on your calender and phone reminder to prepoo before sleeping. Gather any natural oils you have give yourself a scalp massage and section your hair in parts then twist. I do this whilst watching YouTube videos, TV or listening to music. It is actually a great way to relax! Cover with a shower cap and then a satin cap. The next morning your hair will be detangled, moisturised and protected for the wash day.

*TIP* Use a lot of Jamaican Black Castor oil! The smell will motivate you to wash it out ASAP! So no cheating your way out of the wash routine!

3) Set Yourself A Hair Schedule

Due to my lifestyle I like to set Sundays as my wash day (many others also do as this is the only day you really can dedicate to treating your hair. I then like to cowash 3-4 days after so I do this on a Wednesday. Refreshing during the week defiantly makes your hair easier to deal with on wash day AND cowashing can be a quick process. Have your morning shower wet and cowash your hair! Then I will moisturise and stick in a bun or tied back style for quickness!

*TIP* Lay your products out in advance! 

4) Follow Natural Hair Bloggers & Inspiration Accounts On Instagram

Yes! This is a great way to stay motivated. When you are contemplating treating your hair have a browse through your timeline and you will see others sharing wash results, tips and products they love you then will want to kick your butt into shape.

 Here are just a few to get you started!

5) Make Curlfriends!

If you know others that have your hair type or even just natural hair converse with them! Share your struggles and things that have worked for you. I have a Whatsapp group with my curlfriends and we always share when we are going through the wash day blues and it helps to see others in the same position as you. If you don't know any naturals come out to a natural hair event! (Follow me on social media as I will repost any upcoming events).

You will learn so much and hopefully stay in touch with others …

I hope these tips will help keep you on track with your journey. If you ever need any advice please feel free to message me on,

Instagram: @UKCurlyGirl
Twitter: @UKCurlyGirl
Email: ukcurlygirl@gmail.com


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