My Natural Hair Journey (Pics & Video)

If you are a regular reader and follower of mine you may be noticing that I have posted a lot lately about transitioning and my hair journey and this is because I am at a stage where I now love my hair!! It  has great definition and can curl up! Even my looser ends.

In light of this I really want to share my story and inspire others to transition or those who are in the beginning stages that they should keep going!

2010 is where it all began! I have been abusing my hair before this year but only with drugstore hair dyes and monthly straightening. What really pushed me to relax my hair was the constant longing to have easy manageable hair that wouldn't frizz, knot up or shrink. Sounds to good to be true right! And it had its bad effects on me. 

This is not to say relaxers aren't good for everyone, I have seen some women with butt long relaxed healthy hair but for me personally and to those who have similar hair and habits to me I wouldn't exactly suggest it. 

Here you can see the effects my curls began to turn straight when originally I wanted to still keep my curls.

A few years later I went bleach blonde! This was such a big mistake probably my biggest hair regret but I loved it at the time! Blonde's do have more fun but if you are thinking of doing it make sure you take extra extra! care.

Last year (2014- Early 2015) I managed to transition from the left picture to the right. On the left this is how my hair turned out when wet and styled. It was dry in this picture the same as in the right. You can see how my texture has changed and length! 

Watch below to see my full journey from start to now. 


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