How To Get Straight Hair Without Straightening/Damage! - Saran Wrap Tutorial

In my latest tutorial I had a go at the Saran method which is an alternative way of achieving a straightened/blow out look for your hair. Although it may seem like a long process it is definitely worth the time as you wont cause any damage to your hair. Us transitioners need to really be careful when it comes to heat as you don't want any set backs! However it is also nice to have a break from the big curls.

To achieve this look you will need…

  • Larger rollers (Mine from here)
  • A hooded dryer/softhood (Available here
  • Wrap/Set mousse 
  • Cling Film

When using any type of rollers, Curlformers, Perm rods once fully dry your hair will transform to looser straight looking curls.

This is when the saran wrap method comes in! To get your hair straight you want to brush the curls out and wrap around your hair cover with cling film and the heat will press your hair the safe way! 

I will be honest and say that my hair did not turn out as straight as I wanted it to be BUT it was my first time trying the method and I think next time I may use Curlformers as I personally find them easier to use. 

Either way the stretched out look I achieved is perfect to then restyle using perm rods or Bantu knots!

Check out the full tutorial below x


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