The Moroccan Argan Oil Company - Product Review

Argan Oil Company 

Argan Oil we meet again!! Back in 2012 I discovered Argan Oil just as it began to be known as the new 'miracle' oil due to it being loaded with fatty acids and vitamin E. New to oils and natural products I decided to give it a go and actually found it worked really well with my hair type.

Ever since I haven't gone back to it as Coconut oil became my main focus but after being offered to review this product I was excited to see if the oil really did work well for my hair or if I just assumed it did.
This Argan Oil is cold pressed and comes in a glass bottle with an amazing applicator built into the lid.

Argan Oil Dropper

 I love this feature so much as it keeps things clean. I cannot count how many times I have leaked oil all over the bathroom sink, all on my clothes and the floor. This simple droplet is great as it measured the perfect amount to use for each section of hair. 

I have used the oil itself for moisturising my dry hand, sealing hair during my wash routine, to style with rollers and bantu knots. I really like it as it moisturises really well.

I have low porosity hair so lighter oils work best for me compared to a thicker Shea butter/oil or Coconut Oil. It doesn't have a strong scent so you won't be put off by any smells.

You can buy this Argan oil from here> http://bit.ly/1aQIxnw

What are your favourite oils to use?

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