CURLS Product Review - Creamy Cleanser, Coconut Curlada, Creme Brule

Introducing, My latest hair product cocktail! Yes I finally tried out the Curls range! CURLS is an American curly hair product line that uses natural ingredients!

 Trying out this line has been well overdue the last time I tried a Curls product was back before when my hair was natural around 5 years ago! I do remember not liking it for my hair so was intrigued to see how these products would work for me now...

CURLS Creamy Curl Cleanser:
 This is a sulphate free shampoo which I prefer to use as I am all for less chemicals in beauty products! The cleanser however surprised me as it comes out thick like a leave-in conditioner. This means it felt really easy and natural to apply to the hair but also strange as you feel you aren't cleaning your hair well. It basically is like a cowash. The cleanser is great to detangle your wet hair with. 

Personally I feel it is a good product to add to their line but for me I have tried cowashes that I prefer due to there thinner texture like the.. (DevaCurl No Poo, As I Am Coconut Cowash).

CURLS Coconut Curlada: 
This conditioner smells so! coconutty! (If that is even a word lol) it is much thinner than the cleanser so I really enjoyed using it to smooth and detangle my hair. It left my hair feeling smoother and more in place. You then rinse out this product using cool water (to prevent frizz). 

Once the product was rinsed out my curls looked amazing! They were so soft and bouncy they even looked like I had finished styling. For this reason I will be using this product again as a rinse out conditioner.

CURLS Creme Brule:
The Creme Brule curling cream is a product I have heard great reviews on so immediately wanted to test it out on my own hair! The creme is a nice consistency it is a bit like the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream. Once applied to my wet hair I left it to air dry and loved the results! 

My hair was full of defined curls and this will be one of my staple styling products. I wouldn't put it up there as a great moisturiser as it didn't leave my hair feeling still moisturised on day 2/3 like other products but for a wash and go and great day 1 results I would use the Creme Brule again!

For a full tutorial on how to use each CURLS product watch below :)


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